Ran Li
Really great cane juice!!
Jonathan Sefik
Best sugar cane juice spot EVER!! Their gelato is also incredible! The owners are such sweet people! Cannot recommend this place enough! Buy a big jar and they refill it for a discount! They have so many different natural fruit flavors to add to cane juice if you like including calamansi, mango, guava, etc. but my wife and I like the plain the best! They juice the sugarcane fresh right in front of you so you get all the health benefits, enzymes, etc! Sooooo delicious! Can’t wait to go back!
Mandi S.
This place is absolutely amazing! I get sugar cane juice every time I see it and this place is by far the best. The cane juice is pressed AFTER you order which makes all the difference. Some of the enzymes disappear after the juice sits around for more than 45-60 minutes so fresh is BEST! You can tell they are committed to quality! We also got some of their gelatos too and they were great! This is their second location, their first is in the North Shore. So glad they opened this spot because the location is way more convenient. They also offer more products here and don't have to close when doe has weather because it's a storefront! They are doing 15% for their grand opening! The owner and staff are also super friendly! We have come here 3x within a week and will be back soon!
Lorie Codella Vaughan
fresh squeezed sugar cane flavor infused iced teas